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Pauze is now offering live online workshops in our current global situation. 
Pauze is a unique workplace wellness consultancy service designed to provide wellbeing solutions for corporate problems. We specialise in connecting leading wellness experts to businesses that want to create positive change for their employees and company culture.
Our aims are to encourage preventative care and create stronger connections, build community, to reduce stress, burn out and anxiety in the workplace and to increase employee morale. We believe now more than ever the importance of staying connected online and learning tools to manage our health is integral for our sense of belonging and wellbeing. 
Each of our experts specialise in workplace wellbeing, providing your employees with the tools to manage any of their health needs in a natural way. 


Choose a subject in our webinars that you would like to focus on i.e immunity or mental health.


If there is a topic you would like to focus on that is currently not listed we are on hand to create a bespoke offering.



Confirm your online workshop, and your employees will meet via zoom to connect and learn.


Health Plan

Want to take your wellbeing up a level? We are now offering one-to-one online treatments with a doctor, nutritionist and therapist who, together, can create a suggested personalised health plan for your employees.


Online workshops are an incredible way for teams to connect and to gain practical tools. In our current society connecting online to learn new tools and feel a connection to the outer world is integral to our sense of belonging and wellbeing.


Want to book an online workshop but unsure if the practitioner is right for you? Let us know and we will organise a call with you and the practitioner to discuss your needs and goals for your business. And, we are always available to give you our opinion.

We can connect you to experts within the wellness industry, saving you time searching for the right people for your company and your needs.



We understand that life is busy and demanding, so don’t worry about finding time to come to us – we’ll save you time and come to you. Just tell us when and where. 


Use our consultancy service to create a wellness plan that suits you, your needs and your schedule. Be assured that our practitioners will work with you for as long as you need.


If you decide to combine treatments, our practitioners will work together and become your personal wellness team. Whilst maintaining your confidentiality, they will share notes and ideas in order to support you and help you achieve your health goals.


We extend our ethos of wellness to others in our community by donating a percentage of our profits and organising non-profit events to support mental health charities.



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Disclaimer – Pauze ltd does not give medical advice. This Website and the Services are provided on an information only basis and you should not rely on, or take (or not take) any decision based on any information and suggestions found on or obtained through this Website. Any actions or decisions that you take are entirely your own and at your own risk. You should get advice of qualified physician or healthcare professional before taking any course of treatment or making decisions about your health