Pauze: noun  |  A temporary stop

Synonyms: break, stay, rest, timeout, breathing space

Take a Pauze, a personal note from our founder.

In our current global situation I hope you don’t feel alone as you’re not alone. Now more than ever it is important for us to keep connections to one another. 


Pauze was created after a personal journey of self-healing, I had an amazing boss in the financial sector who opened my eyes to the wellness world. He told me to start yoga to help with my stress levels. At that time in my life I was depressed, lacked self-love, felt unmotivated, disconnected and unhealthy. I decided to leave my job and travel to India. However, running away from my problems wasn’t the answer. After returning the self-healing began, I saw incredible therapists which helped me along my journey in many ways. I felt so excited that I wanted to share with the world the incredible wellness experts that I had found. 


I returned back into a corporate job, however, I was now much more aware of what was going on in my colleagues emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. I wanted to help our employer to integrate wellbeing into our office and bring in wellness experts into the office. However, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and Pauze was then born. 


We are aiming to build a platform with some of the most amazing wellness experts out there, making the journey of your own healing that little bit easier, and we hope your employers are there to support you in creating work life balance and connection. We all need a little support. 


Our fundamental aim is to connect, share wisdom and plant seeds of wellness knowledge.


The name Pauze is to remind us to take a Pauze, through our workshops either online or in person we want to help you to Pauze and Breathe. 


Thank you for reading, 




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