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Managing Stress Through Diet and Lifestyle

Claudine Thornhill (Dip. NT (CNM), mBANT, mNNA, rCNHC) is a true believer in the power of all of us to create the lives we want, including the health that we want. Her mission is to promote not only the benefits of a life of health and wellness, but also the means of getting there through nutritional advice, information and support. 

As a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist, Claudine’s nutrition practice works to support busy women manage reproductive health issues such as PCOS and Fibroids, as well as weight loss and management, stress management, fatigue and low energy and low mood. Other services include the Wellbeing Check where Claudine will review a diet and lifestyle in line with health goals to offer practical, simple and reliable solutions that can be implemented straight away. She also offers Retail Therapy to help clients navigate the supermarket food shop and she helps business clients devise meal plans for their own clients. 

In addition to one-to-one client interactions Claudine works with groups as a speaker and workshop facilitator. She is a Health & Wellbeing Coach with The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and regularly runs community based, group Diabetes prevention workshops. Claudine is a Corporate Speaker, most recently delivering her Managing Stress through Diet and Lifestyle talk within Deloitte LLP as well as delivering Fibroids: A Case Study at University College London for a community based charity. 

Claudine’s background as a Human Resources professional has resulted in her working in the city of London for many years, most notably for Deloitte LLP. As a result, Claudine has a personable, yet professional approach that is empathetic. She prides herself on really listening to her clients in non-judgement way and she has the adaptability to work with a variety of people and in a range of settings. 

Claudine is available for Corporate bookings including talks, workshops, wellbeing events and initiatives and health and wellbeing consultancy. She is also available for talks and workshops in non-corporate settings in addition to one-on-one health and food coaching and Nutritional Therapy with individuals. 

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