Inner Leader and Values

  • Exercise in pairs to pin down everyone’s individual values

  • Solo work expanding on your values and what they mean to you – freedom can mean different things to different people so here everyone will have the chance to get a more in-depth understanding of what the value means to them personally.

  • Guided visualisation to discover your inner leader

  • Time to journal on this and then group work or work in pairs expanding on this

  • Aim – to gain an understanding of what you’d do from this energy, what’s possible when you channel this self and how to tap into it

  • Group learning

  • Opportunity for everyone to commit to something they’ll take away and something new they’re going to do that’s inline with their values and something new they’ll do using their inner leader

Gabriella Miller

Gabriella Miller is a qualified Co- Active Life Coach, has studied Psychology and trained in the principles of spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica. She runs workshops and works with people one to one, all with the aim of helping people get out of their own way, create a life they love that is fulfilling and meaningful by working through the barriers of self-doubt, insecurity and fear.


  • Introduce idea and power of values – how awareness of yours can impact life, decision and daily interactions

  • Introduce inner leader – what this is and how it can be helpful in your day to day life