How Nutrition Can Enhance or Inhibit Low Mood and Depression

  • The role of vitamin D in depression and low mood.

  • Vitamin D deficiency in the UK.

  • Factors affecting vitamin D synthesis and guidelines.

  • Increasing vitamin D status and absorption within the body.

  • Additional micronutrient deficiency and their role in reducing depression and improving mood.

  • Present research to show the effects of exercise on depression.

  • Summary of the role of vitamin D in depression and how we can increase active vitamin D status.

  • Overview of micronutrient deficiencies on depression.

  • Summary of introducing exercise during a busy working week.

Jenna Hope

As a registered nutritionist Jenna works with individual clients and as a nutrition consultant to brands, cafes and restaurants. After changing her own diet at the age of 16 Jenna became fascinated by the way in which food can influence the mind and the body. Consequently Jenna went on to gain a first class undergraduate honours degree and a masters in nutrition. Read More...


  • Definition of depression and depressive symptoms. Discuss how symptoms may affect work productivity.

  • Prevalence of depression within the workplace.

  • Micronutrient deficiency and depression introduction.