Tash Napoli - Chef & restaurant owner 

"To live in harmony with nature is to live in harmony with oneself. As seasons change so too do we, and if we can learn to follow these natural rhythms we begin to notice positive changes in our body, mind and spirit."


Tash creates vegetarian/vegan-friendly sanctuary offers a seasonal menu of naturally crafted juices, smoothies, salads and a whole range of other delicious treats to keep you Nourish’d. Tash makes a huge effort to source produce from local farms wherever possible, ensuring you receive only the most tasty and natural nutrition.


Tash is the owner of a health food cafe called Nourish' which through education and encouragement and a heaped serving of love, Nourish’d is helping to grow a community of conscious individuals dedicated to a healthier lifestyle that benefits themselves and the planet.


We are delighted to have Tash & her team helping provide beautiful and wholesome food on our retreat.  

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