"An Indian head massage is the ideal way to get a person 'out of their head', far, far away from everyday emotional and mental stress."




  • Lasts between 25-45 minutes.

  • The massage will likely include essential and/or aromatic oils. 

  • Working with a firm, yet gentle rhythm, your masseuse will use massage and acupressure techniques to stimulate relaxation,
    relieve tension and encourage circulation.

  • Typically, the massage will compromise of the following:

  • Upper back – dissolving knots and relaxing the muscles.

  • Shoulders and upper arms – relieving tension.

  • Neck and scalp – relieving further tension, removing blockages that cause headaches and stimulating improved circulation.

  • Facial massage – which can relieve tinnitus symptoms and encourage a glowing complexion. 

  • Originating in India, the techniques of Indian Head Massage (IHM) have been passed down through the generations for over
    a thousand years.

  • Recognising that the head, neck and shoulders are energy centres for the body, IHM removes the tension that inevitably settles and accumulates in these areas. Such things as stress, pollution, lack of exercise and other ailments are contributing factors to this tension.

  • Additionally, IHM is effective in reducing symptoms of illnesses. The various massage techniques eliminate negative energy while releasing positive energy into the body, thus restoring it to optimum health.

  • IHM is simple, safe, effective and also very relaxing!


While we’ve already highlighted some of well-known benefits of IHM, its full benefits are far-reaching. For example, our bodily systems can benefit from IHM, depending upon the pressure and speed used:   ​

  • Circulatory system

  • Integumentary system (skin and hair)

  • Lymphatic system

  • Muscular system

  • Nervous system

  • Respiratory system

  • Skeletal system

Furthermore, IHM can:

  • Aid sleep and insomnia

  • Boost memory capabilities

  • Help hair loss and thinning

  • Improve concentration levels

  • Improve tinnitus and other ear problems

  • Increase feelings of peace, calm and well-being

  • Increase positive feelings and self-esteem

  • Prevent migraines

  • Promote relaxation

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Reduce eye strain

  • Relieve sinus congestion

  • Relieve tension

  • Relieve tiredness

  • Renew energy levels


Indian Head Massage is not suitable for people with:

  • Contagious or infectious skin conditions

  • Epilepsy

  • Lice

  • Migraine

  • Recent head or neck injury

  • Recent haemorrhage

  • Severe bruising in treatment area


Please consult a GP before treatment if you are pregnant in your first or third trimester, or have any of the following:

  • Asthma

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy

  • Heart condition

  • High or low blood pressure


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