As a registered nutritionist Jenna works with individual clients and as a nutrition consultant to brands, cafes and restaurants. After changing her own diet at the age of 16 Jenna became fascinated by the way in which food can influence the mind and the body. Consequently Jenna went on to gain a first class undergraduate honours degree and a masters in nutrition. 

Among many prevalent topics, Jenna studied various health-related diseases (including diabetes and cardiovascular disease), obesity and weight management, gut health, skin disorders and metabolism. 

Jenna is particularly passionate about improving energy levels and performance in the work place and ensuring that a client’s love of food is never lost. Previous clients and numerous research studies have shown how changing various aspects of the diet can make huge differences to work productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Jenna strongly believes that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition and so she works closely with her clients to develop a plan which suits their individual goals and their lifestyle. She strives to show her clients that eating healthy and feeling great should never be a chore and firmly believes that eating should be often social and always enjoyable. 

Jenna has experience in working at a residential weight loss camp, at The Food Doctor’s Harley Street Clinic, with private clients and as a nutrition consultant to high street and newly developing brands and cafes. 

Jenna is passionate about food and uses social media to show people that eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring and to inspire others to take control of their health. Jenna has built up a following of over 20K on her Instagram profile where she regularly shares recipes and nutrition-related health tips. Jenna also writes regular articles for a variety of food brands, online and in-print health and wellness publications such as BBC Good Food Magazine and as a nutrition adviser to Healthy Magazine.

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