Build Your Business

Pauze will connect you to a network of clients so that you can focus on increasing your business profits. 

Build Your Profile

Pauze and create a profile with us, sell packages, products or courses through our website. 

Save Time

We want you to have more Pauzes in your life. We can help you with your admin and liaise with your clients on your behalf.


No Cost
Business Made Easy

Let us find your clients, manage your bookings, and collect payment, giving you time to Pauze. 

Be Resourceful

We aim to book you more than one session at a time in an office, saving you therapy room rental and the time it would take to travel to different appointments.

Fill Your Schedule

List free appointment times in your schedule on our Pauze site and we will aim to fill the spaces. 

It’s completely free to sign up to Pauze and there are no listing charges.

Find New Clients

List free appointment times in your schedule on our Pauze site and we will aim to fill the spaces. 

Work As a Team

We believe to support someone in achieving their goals at a quicker rate we should work as a team. We aim to promote two or more services at a time, and create extra support and conversation between therapists.  


We organise nonprofit events for mental health awareness, and through them we aim to pay our practitioners to holistically support someone in the community who cannot afford complementary therapy.


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