I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, promoting balance.  I studied at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and graduated in March 2016. Since then I have been working with people to help them find their balance in all areas of life.  The reason that I chose balance as my main focus is purely because that’s what works for me… Deprivation of the things I loved, in order to follow a strict, clean diet just didn’t work. It was through learning that being healthy is so much more than just what I was eating, that I was able to find my balance and become a generally healthier person. 


So I when working with individuals, I of course help them with what they’re eating but also focus a lot on their general wellbeing - so relationships (with themselves and others), careers, spirituality, physical activity and everything else that ‘fills us up’ and makes us who we are. 

Two areas that I have found to be incredibly important when  changes that last are self love and sustainability: Self love because I truly believe that in order to make changes they have to come from a loving place, rather than one of self loathing - so in this we work together on techniques that help one gain self respect, self care and self love by really understanding who they are and what they love doing. Sustainability because changes that are drastic, unrealistic and unmanageable are not going to last! This course is really about tapping into what works for the individual and tailoring the course to their needs. Covering all the areas (food, exercise, relationships and spirituality etc).