The Association Between Gut Health
and Mental Health

  • How a workplace environment can negatively affect gut health.

  • Present the effects of poor gut health on digestion. Identify symptoms associated with poor gut health.

  • Present evidence to show the impact of gut health on mental well-being.

  • Strategies to improve gut health.

  • Research surrounding the role of probiotics in gut health.

  • Incorporating specific foods into the diet in order to improve overall gut health.

  • Summary of evidence to show how gut health impacts mental well-being.

  • Take home tips of how to utilise food/ probiotics in the workplace to improve gut health.

Jenna Hope

As a registered nutritionist Jenna works with individual clients and as a nutrition consultant to brands, cafes and restaurants. After changing her own diet at the age of 16 Jenna became fascinated by the way in which food can influence the mind and the body. Consequently Jenna went on to gain a first class undergraduate honours degree and a masters in nutrition. Read More...


  • Outline key roles of gut health.

  • Aspects affected by poor gut health: weight gain, cognitive function, digestion and mental health.

  • Introduce mental health and how it affects overall mental well-being, quality of life, social performance and cognitive performance.