The Calm Choice to
Improve Health and Wellbeing


Duration: Approx 1hr introduction to the concept and benefits of The Calm Choice


Format: A talk with visuals, concluding with a guided relaxation


Duration: 2hr practical experience - blending movement, breath practice, relaxation & lifestyle awareness exercises

Format: Relaxed/interactive atmosphere


Duration: 1.5hrs after work on a weekday evening for 2 or 4 weeks


Format: Same material as workshop but over longer time to maximise integration


The Calm Choice is a programme especially designed to empower individuals, employees and clients who want to improve their health and wellbeing.

These unique and award-winning sessions in stress management were created by Holistic Physiotherapists, Anna Young & Robyn Silverton. They enable people to identify the stress patterns in their life, then learn strategies and techniques to manage them.