Mindfulness - Taster Workshop

  • A short presentation on what mindfulness is (and what it isn’t)

  • Research into the benefits of mindfulness

  • Experiential mindfulness exercises led by the facilitator. These include: Mindfulness of Eating exercise, allowing participants to experience an activity in the here-and-now; and Mindfulness of Breath and Body, introducing present moment awareness through paying attention to physical sensations and the movement of breath in the body

  • Q & A based on the experiential activities

  • Short mindfulness practices that participants can start to use in their lives


Participants will leave the session with a clear understanding of what mindfulness entails, how it can benefit them, and how to start their own daily mindfulness practice. The benefits of attending a 6-8 week mindfulness course will also be discussed.


This is an engaging, dynamic and potentially life-changing session.

Paul Christelis

MA Clin Psych; MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches)

Paul has worked as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, writer, group facilitator and teacher for over twenty years. He has a MA Clin Psych; MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches). He is dedicated to helping people to be more present in their lives, in their relationships, work and with themselves.  Read More...


This 60-75 minute workshop offers an introduction to mindfulness, its impact on mental health, and the long-term benefits of developing a regular mindfulness practice.