Positive Under Pressure

  • Identify your symptoms of stress

  • Establish what causes you to feel stressed

  • Discover what you already do to deal with stress

  • Experience 3 practical methods for dealing with stress in the future


This workshop has proved enormously popular with a number of different companies and has received very high scores of feedback rating from participants. People particularly like the experiential nature of the session and that they leave with techniques that they can put into practice immediately.

Jacqui Marson

Jacqui Marson is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, author and trainer. She is a former award-winning television news journalist and has reported from war-zones around the world including Somalia, Sudan, Kashmir, Western Sahara and Nicaragua. Read More...


A 60-minute experiential workshop


By the end of this workshop you will have more understanding of your stress patterns and take the first steps to dealing effectively with these responses.

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