Break the Curse of Lovely and Learn How to Say No

  • The workshop will include

  • How we can still be lovable and get our needs met

  • How to find out what we really want

  • How to have scary conversations; and how to say no and survive.

  • In the process she will share ideas and strategies to help us break from the curse of lovely to live a more complete, fulfilling life. 

Jacqui Marson

Jacqui Marson is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, author and trainer. She is a former award-winning television news journalist and has reported from war-zones around the world including Somalia, Sudan, Kashmir, Western Sahara and Nicaragua. Read More...


A 2 hour experiential workshop


Many of us grew up with the idea that to be a good – and likeable – person we must always be polite, nice, helpful, charming, fun, making people feel good about themselves, not let people down and never say 'no'. It’s a perspective that teaches us that conflict will inevitably lead to total rejection, and therefore we must always put others’ needs before our own. 


But what if this means that our lives, relationships, careers and wellbeing are blighted by the belief that to be liked, loved and accepted we have to limit ourselves to the behaviours we believe are approved of by others?


In her 15 years of clinical experience as a psychologist Jacqui Marson has coined the phrase 'the curse of lovely' to describe what she identifies as a growing trend. Many people would like to be known as lovely, but for a growing number of people it can feel like a curse. They feel unable to put their own needs before those of everyone else, and feel that changing this is not an option. 

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